Poetry: In Preparation For The Future

Folks, all is not over even at 70 ,I  imagine years of growth are still ahead.

Getting older as the years go by, With each passing day, I still reach for the sky,

Encouraging myself to dream with desire, For a meaningful life, I never tire.

With an appreciation for each day that I’m blessed to see,

I find inspiration for more, as I strive to be me.

I am still growing with anticipation in my heart,

Since I always find endeavors with a new start.

I chase my dreams with all my might, With a vision of the future, both healthy and bright

.The choices I make shape the life I pursue. Yet, I’m mindful of the consequences, too.

I’ve made mistakes with things I needed to try. But they were merely lessons to abide by.

With a healthy perspective, I persist with emotion ,To embrace the future with hope and devotion

The older I get with awareness the end is approaching,

I continue to plan for the future without self-reproaching.

One day, it may be too late, so I cherish each moment. Don’t take life for granted — it’s a precious bestowment

Keep building a future as if it will never end. We can always begin again with a new trend.

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